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Why Do More Traditional Institutions Need To Evolve Their Culture?

EDC is Canada's export credit agency, with the remit of supporting and developing Canada's export trade by aiding companies on an international scale. Though a government body, EDC operates 'at arm's length from the government,' which allows it to be more nimble in its strategic planning and its execution. We sat down with David Bhamjee, vice president of strategy at EDC, to discuss the notion that company culture should be cultivated to facilitate strategy, as well as the differences between reactive 'tactics' and the end goal that is 'strategy'. 

Export Development Canada
Vice President, Strategy
David Bhamjee is Vice President, Strategy at Export Development Canada – a federal corporation responsible for providing Canadian companies with the solutions they need to successfully compete internationally. In this role he is responsible for working with EDC’s Executive team in the development of long-term corporate strategy, positioning EDC as a go-to partner for companies of all sizes engaging in international business. David is a proven leader who has worked with public and private sector organizations on a range of issues. He has previously held leadership roles in corporate, business development and operations functions, consistently demonstrating an ability to develop and translate corporate strategy into action and results.

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