Structuring Rehabilitation Programs With Data

Increasingly, data and analytics are being used to assess not just how best to rehabilitate an athlete following an injury, but how to predict and avoid a future problem. By monitoring heart rates, distance travelled and other metrics, sports scientists can ascertain whether an athlete should increase or decrease their workload to reach optimum performance whilst minimizing risk of injury. Benjamin Mackenzie explains how him and his team do so at the FA's St George's Park in Staffordshire. 

Spire Perform
Sports Scientist
Benjamin Mackenzie has been with Spire Perform since April 2015, having previously worked with the likes of Bristol City FC, Peterborough United FC, the FA and Celtic FA in varying sports science roles. Benjamin now works at the FA's St George's Park, as part of the official healthcare provider for the 330-acre site. His background in sports science includes a bachelors degree in science & football and a masters degree in exercise and nutrition science.

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