Speaker Snapshot: 'Disruption is NOT a bad thing'

We talk to Benjamin Trinh, Head of Influencer & Marketing Strategy at Postmates


Ahead of his presentation at the Mobile Innovation Summit in San Francisco on December 4 & 5 we spoke to Benjamin Trinh, Head of Influencer & Marketing Strategy at Postmates.

Benjamin Trinh is Head of Influencer & Marketing Strategy at Postmates. Benjamin and his team create "must-share" moments while driving buzz-worthy marketing campaigns with talent and partners.

What do you see as the biggest mobile innovation challenges facing organizations in 2018?

The biggest challenges are that it's easy to stick to traditional ways of doing things. It's scary to take risks and it's scary to try something you haven't before. A good example is influencer marketing, and how it is disrupting the space of mobile marketing. Most companies haven't dealt with something like influencer marketing and never will because they aren't willing to try. That forces them to stay stagnant while others move forward through risk-taking and trials.

What are the key elements of a successful mobile innovation strategy?

There are many, but key elements I think worth noting are the following:

- willingness to take risks

- willingness to experiment and allocate a specific budget each quarter to do so

- be open to getting feedback from the masses (surveys, pulses)

How has the use of digital and data technologies impacted the mobile innovation process?

Everything is now metrics driven. We know that. What's really impacted the mobile innovation process is the metrics behind the content on your phone/mobile. Better content means longer engagement times for consumers on an app, on a browser, in a store, etc. The new digital and data day and age make it so that it's necessary for us to focus on 1. Having good content and 2. Making sure it's trackable and measurable.

Is there such a thing as being ready for disruption and what can incumbents do to avoid it?

Yes. You can be and stay ready for disruption by being open to change and being willing to experiment. Disruption is NOT a bad thing. You don't have to avoid it, you should be ready for it. To capitalize on disruption, stay above and ahead of the trends by being a leader in the space. It's okay to be the first to try something, the first to risk something, and the first to be the one that brings disruption.

What can our audience expect to take away from your presentation?

The audience can expect to learn about how entertainment and influencer marketing is disrupting the mobile space through innovation. On top of that, they'll have a deeper understanding of how PR is a major part of the strategizing of each campaign. This includes questions we ask ourselves as a filter, what it takes to execute on these ideas, and how we measure afterwards.

You can catch Benjamin's presentation at the Mobile Innovation Summit in San Francisco on December 4 & 5. 


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