Louisville Slugger CFO Discusses His "Unique Position"

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to be familiar with the term “Louisville Slugger,” perhaps the most iconic brand name in sports history. Lawrence Writer, the CFO and chief operating officer of the famed baseball bat’s maker, Hillerich & Bradsby, knows he’s got a job that more than a few people envy.

“It’s a unique position,” Writer says. “It’s different from your average widget manufacturer. Being connected to the excitement people have for our brand and its history really makes the job worthwhile.”

Unique is right. This is a CFO whom on a given day might be attending a high-school all-star baseball tournament, trying to interest 17-year-old kids in becoming brand ambassadors in their locker rooms back home. Or going on a “timber cruise” — where trees to be made into wooden bats are felled — and selecting the best logs for that purpose. Or, more glamorously, shooting the breeze with big-league stars.

In this video, Writer talks about overseeing H&B’s supply chain, growth markets for the company’s products and working to stay relevant.

Louisville Slugger
Chief Financial Officer

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