Interview: The Role Of Analytics In Talent Identification

Data analytics has had more of an impact in sports than it has in perhaps any other industry. No sports team or body worth their salt can afford to go without the insight offered by effective data programs, and talent identification is one area that data has well and truly revolutionized. To find out more about the use of data in a large sports organization, we sat down with Richard Allen, Head of Talent Identification at the Football Association, to discuss what makes a good analytics program. 

The FA
Head of Talent Identification
Richard Allen is responsible for leading The FA’s Talent ID department, overseeing the recruitment process across all of the men and women’s national sides and helping to develop and deliver the Association’s Talent ID Education Programme. He joined The FA in November 2014 as Talent ID Manager before moving up to take his current position as Head of Talent ID in February 2015. Prior to joining the organisation Richard spent two years as Head of Academy at QPR and eight years as Head of Academy Recruitment at Tottenham Hotspur.

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