Interview: Scouting & Analysis At The German National Football Team

Data analytics is a huge part of sports. Areas like physiotherapy and conditioning have been well and truly overhauled by the use of predictive analytics and historical data, with the medical side of the industry appearing as a front-runner in data usage. Scouting, on the other hand, uses data in different ways but arguably relies on it an equal amount. To get an idea of how data is used in scouting at a major sporting body, we sat down with Christofer Clemens, Head of Scouting & Analysis for the German National Football Team. 

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German National Football Team
Head of Scouting & Match Analysis
Christofer Clemens is Head of Scouting & Match Analysis at for the German National Football Team. Involved in the set up since 2005, Christofer was part of the team that led Germany to World Cup success in 2014, and will be part of the one that takes them to Russian in 2018 as they look to repeat the feat.

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