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Insights From Leading Insurance Data Experts

We spoke to Adhish Pendharkar, AVP Digital Engineering from Manulife, and Yuhui Yao, Group Head of Customer Analytics and Behaviour Insights from FWD.

As leading data experts from the insurance industry, both shared stories on how they have used data in their roles. They focussed on transforming an organization to become customer centric and how big data & analytics is being used to better design insurance products. They also shared the challenges they currently face, including adaptating to data governance policies across a number of regions, a lack of good quality data for accurate modeling, and further education on the importance of data analytics.

Yuhui Yao will be presenting at the  Big Data & Analytics Innovation summit in Singapore on 1 & 2 March. Adhish Pendharkar will be presenting at the Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit in Hong Kong on 26 & 27 April. 

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