HR Analytics At Nestlé

HR has been as affected by the explosion of data analytics as any area of business, with companies using HR data to analyze flight risk to best ensure employee retainment, ensure the highest caliber of candidate is hired and promoted, and creating a culture and work environment that best suits the strengths of the team. We sat down with Michael Cox, Head of HR Business Excellence and HR Analytics at Nestle, to talk all things HR Analytics. 

Michael cox
Head of HR Analytics
As Head of HR Analytics at Nestle, Michael Cox led a three-year plan of: 'Leveraging Predictive Analytics and Big Data to find hidden opportunities, through a new way of thinking, to support the delivery of the HR Strategy: Talent, Enablement, Engagement.' Today, Michael is the Nestle Global Business Excellence Project Manager, where he leads the Global design team focused on delivering a transformation of HR services and experiences on a Global level within the Nestle group by delivering the concept of 'Simplify, Standarise and Share'.

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