How Warner Music Group Are Utilizing HR Analytics

HR has been as affected by the explosion of data analytics as any area of business, with companies using HR data to analyze flight risk to best ensure employee retainment, ensure the highest caliber of candidate is hired and promoted, and creating a culture and work environment that best suits the strengths of the team. Following her presentation at the HR & Workforce Analytics Innovation Summit in London in May, we sat down with Nicola Shaw, SVP of HR Operations at WMG to talk all things HR analytics. 

Warner Music Group
SVP, HR Operations
Nicola Shaw has been with Warner Music Group (WMG) since April 2013, first joining as an HR consultant before being appointed Senior Vice President of HR Operations in October 2014. Overseeing the music giant's HR operations globally, Nicola is responsible for improving efficiency, developing a high-performance culture and building internal capability to drive significant change.

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