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How Much Responsibility Should The CDO Take For Data Security?

We have more and more data at our disposal, we know that hidden inside is potentially game changing information. But the challenge is how to turn data you have collected into something you can use to make real decisions. At the Chief Data Officer Summit in London last year, we sat down with Maciej Piwoni, Global Analytics Manager at Sade, to discuss the current state of data analytics in business. 

Global Analytics Manager
As global analytics manager at Sage, Maciej Piwoni develops and executes global digital analytics strategy for his company as well as mentors the modelling and marketing performance teams. With 10 years of hands-on digital analytics experience and 14 years of Internet-related experience, he is a strong advocate for agile marketing based on data and logic A creative yet data-driven digital analytics professional, Maciej has a proven track record in the analytical environment, including optimisation, insights, data storytelling, communications, and budget management.

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