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How Do Refinery29 Use Data To Influence Their Content Decisions?

The shift toward mobile is having huge effects on the digital publishing industry, with publishers having to adapt to new technology and new consumer behaviour regarding how they experience their content. At Refinery29, Patrick Yee and his team utilize data to influence their decisions but are not driven by it, and are conscious of creating the difficult-to-cultivate serendipity that an over-use of data can make almost impossible. He also talks us through how social media apps are affecting digital publishing and monetization. 

VP, Marketing & Content Strategy
Patrick Yee has been executive vice president of marketing and strategy at Refinery29 for over three years, having been an early partner in the now 10-year-old company. His current areas of focus include audience development (acquisition and retention/engagement), content strategy & real-time optimization, business intelligence, data/analytics, branded content, ad-ops/inventory strategy and strategic partnerships.

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