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How Do Mashable Stay Ahead In A Saturated Digital Publishing Market?

Founded in 2005, Mashable has grown from a US only digital media company to having incarnations in the UK, Asia, Australia, France and India, with 45% of their content now coming internationally. We sat down with COO and CFO, Mike Kriak, to discuss the internet of things and its potential effect on digital publishing, as well as the need for publishers to clearly define their voice and that of their audience to stay ahead. 

Mike Kriak is the COO and CFO of digital media publishers Mashable, having been with the company since 2013. His background is in finance and economics but, for Mashable, Mike specializes in mobile, online media and B2B and B2C publishing. Mike is interested in how publishers can define their voice, work with brands to tell engaging stories and stay ahead in a saturated market.

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