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How Is BT Adjusting To Suit The Shift To Mobile?

BT's re-entry into the mobile market in 2015, with the launch of a 4G service, means the company is now both a content provider and a data provider. Both areas of the business come with opportunities and challenges, and we spoke to Peter Schloten, General Manager of Digital Product at the telecommunications company, about how his team is adapting and exploiting the opportunities presented. 

Peter scholten
General Manager, Digital Product
Peter has been with BT since July 2012. He is responsible for the end-to-end customer experience across BT Consumer’s Digital channels covering the entire product portfolio including TV, Sport, Broadband, Mobile and Telephony. Peter is also responsible for BT Consumer’s Digital Transformation programme targeting a step change in BT Consumer’s Digital capability. Prior to BT, Peter had been with the Business Technology Office of McKinsey & Company for eight years.

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