5 Questions With Heather McGlinn, SVP, Strategy, Wells Fargo

How is strategy changing both at Wells Fargo and elsewhere?


Heather McGlinn heads up the Strategy Development and Planning for Direct Channels team at Wells Fargo, leading the corporate strategy and strategic planning team for the consumer, small business, internet, mobile, social, and contact center team. Heather has been with Wells Fargo, a leader in omnichannel distribution, since 2002 and is well experienced in developing and and executing strategy. We sat down with her ahead of her talk at the Chief Strategy Officer Summit in San Francisco this May 18-19.

What do you think are the main qualities of a successful strategy?

The only useful strategy is the one you execute, so in this fast moving world you need to develop a very 'agile' strategy than can be implemented quickly and iteratively.

How do you think the role of a strategist is changing?

In the world of tech, a strategist is also a technologist. It is critically important to understand the customers you serve as well as the technology that’s available to better meet their needs.

How important is flexibility when creating new strategies?

Strategy is always a journey and not a destination, so of course you want to continuously adapt to new opportunities and challenges.

Have the attitudes of a new generation of workers affected how strategy is formulated or implemented?

The key to any new strategy development is a feeling of urgency to make the change. Millennials, in particular, are determined to change their world and embrace technology to improve their lives. This feeling of urgency is very contagious and tremendously helpful as the fuel to drive change.

What can delegates expect from your upcoming presentation at the Chief Strategy Officer Summit?

Figuring out how to better deliver products and services to customers is a universal challenge. Wells Fargo is a leader in omnichannel distribution and in the presentation I’ll share how we continuously provide customers with the autonomy to move seamlessly within and between channels, as well as serve those serve who are simultaneously using self and personal service.

You can hear more from Heather, along with other leading senior strategy executives, at the Chief Strategy Officer Summit, taking place in San Francisco this May 18-19. 

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