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'Digital Transformation Is Something I Just Don't Think Is Doable'

Digital transformation is something almost all companies are either working towards or feel they've already achieved. With decades of experience in tech, though, Nick Ayton isn't convinced it's something traditional companies can properly accomplish. In this in-depth interview, we spoke with Nick on all things digital. 

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Digital BOOM
Digital Disruptor & BOOMer
Nick is a Top100 Fintech Influencer and number 21 on Rise Top100 Blockchain people. A writer, speaker and educator of all things Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He is London Correspondent for CoinTelegraph and in 2012 designed a Fintech Self Service Pension Platform growing at 131% a quarter. Nick has had 8 Tech start ups and was corporate officer at Siemens, Xchanging and CapGemini. He recently chaired Blockchain Expo at Olympia and is a business architect for Blockchain operating models and runs a series of Blockchain Master Classes lecturing at International Business Schools.

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