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Following his presentation at the Chief Digital Officer Forum in London this April, we sat down with Blake Cahill, Global Head of Digital at Royal Philips. We discussed all things digital marketing, from multi-channel presence to the next big technoligical developments that will shape digital marketing in the years to come. 

Blake cahill
Head of Digital and Social Marketing
Blake Cahill is the Global Head of Digital and Social Marketing at Philips, where he is helping to lead the Dutch company’s international rebranding and expansion into new technologies and markets. He is currently guiding the brand through an ongoing digital transformation. Before joining Philips, Blake was President at Banyan Branch, the world’s fastest growing social media and digital agency. He has spent much of his career in increasingly high-profile marketing roles in companies such as AT&T and Belgacom, and was CMO at Visible Technologies. He has also served for 4 years on the Board of Directors at the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, a global non-profit trade association dedicated to the word of mouth and the social media marketing industry.

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