What Makes a CFO Great?


What Makes a CFO Great? Summary

A good CFO knows the numbers and knows them well, but in order to be great a CFO you must stand out amongst your finance-minded peers.  What qualities must a good CFO possess to be called great?

Great CFOs are great leaders.  They know how to assemble a team while serving as an active participant on that team.  They know how to maintain working relationships with those below and above them.  They possess strong credibility, buttressing their numbers with data and analysis.

This CFO eBook paints a picture of the great CFO.  From directing a risk management team to strengthening the CFO-CIO relationship, this eBook will equip you with the skills you need to move from good to great.

Topics covered in What Makes a CFO Great? include:

  • How CFOs can assemble and lead strategic teams;
  • Advice for making those tough but necessary decisions;
  • Five tips for becoming a strategic communicator;
  • Why CFOs must maintain a strong relationship with their CIOs;
  • Applying more subjectivity in analyses;
  • The accelerating growth of data and how it affects business tools and models.

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