The CFO's Guide to Sales Performance Management

It’s time to give your sales performance management a makeover.


Still using Excel to manage incentive compensation? Does your homegrown sales solution lack visibility? It’s time to give your sales performance management a makeover. 

New technology can revolutionize your sales assessment. When data is scattered across different spreadsheets or different programs, finding the information you need is time-consuming, and thus lags in processing are commonplace. Meanwhile, manual data input is a breeding ground for error.

So what’s the alternative? Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions. With all of your sales data in one place, summarized in an easy-to-access dashboard, tracking the performance of your sales team is simpler and certainly more accurate than reconciling hundreds of spreadsheets. With the greater visibility of SPM systems, finance executives can forecast various scenarios and model future performance, aligning sales performance with corporate goals.

If the answer is so clear, then why are so many companies still using the traditional method? Breaking away from Excel can be difficult. Finance executives were essentially raised on the program. But with all the benefits that SPM solutions can bring, now is the time to do away with the old and bring in the new. This CFO eBook will provide a detailed plan for how you can make over your sales function to create value for your company.

Topics covered in SPM eBook include:

  • Improvements SPM can generate for your organization;
  • Why CFOs like you have adopted SPM solutions;
  • Success stories from CFOs who have improved their businesses through SPM;
  • An overview of the stages of SPM implementation;
  • The new breed of CFOs who are playing a key role in sales;
  • Assessing your sales talent as well as your sales technology.

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