Planning Ahead

This CFO eBook will provide you with advice on how to establish your firm’s pension plan


401(k) and pension plans are hot topics of discussion for any CFO. Faced with a variety of challenges— including market volatility, recruiting and retaining top employees in a growing job market, and helping out employees who’ve failed to adequately plan—finance chiefs must ensure that they are providing employees with the best plans, options, and education.

In addition to the responsibility of looking out for their organizations’ finances, CFOs are also tasked with ensuring their companies’ retirement plans provide for their employees’ financial future. Due to a variety of factors and regulations, many employees are now relying on their 401(k)s to provide a secure, comfortable retirement. However, now that the responsibility for planning for their future lies with employees, executives need to be aware of their retirement options now more than ever. CFOs must look at the bigger picture within their companies, and provide the best 401(k) planning and education options.

While defined-benefit plans are no longer standard among organizations, many companies still have them for their employees, or have employees who’ve been grandfathered in under these plans. For these organizations, finding ways to de-risk and safely meet funding requirements is key to employee-retirement success.

Finding the right investments and options for your company’s 401(k) or pension plan can be a difficult balance between risk and reward. This CFO eBook will provide you with advice on how to establish your firm’s pension plan, abide by government regulations, and protect your plan participants from unnecessary risks.

Topics covered in this CFO eBook include:

  • 401(k) administration fees, strategies, and provider selection;
  • How new locked-in interest rates will affect a pension plan’s liability value;
  • Impacts of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21);
  • How to de-risk your company’s pension plan;
  • The debate between annuities and lump-sum distribution payments.

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