Making Your ERP Project a Success

Don’t let your ERP project get the best of you.


Don’t let your ERP project get the best of you. Prepare yourself for the inevitable challenges ahead. Enterprise resource planning implementation can be a frustrating and discouraging process. ERP projects are known to be incredibly time consuming and can cause serious rifts between managers who are overwhelmed and facing many ERP challenges. Over the past four years, companies that have gone through ERP implementations have spent just over an average of 16 months working on them, and 59% of those projects have exceeded their ERP budgets. When integrating a new ERP system, CFOs should take care to follow through with project planning, configure the system appropriately, and keep business teams up to date on how the new system will affect their work. Ensuring a successful ERP project requires selecting the correct product and appointing talented program leadership. As a CFO, you must also understand the benefits of your ERP implementation, and the critical role and responsibilities of your CIO. This CFO eBook promises valuable advice for overcoming countless ERP obstacles. Topics in this CFO eBook include: • How to learn from the mistakes of your predecessors; • What not to do with your ERP project; • How to take a project-based approach; • The different versions of a CIO.


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