Making a Big Impact with Data

This CFO eBook will guide you through the steps to successful data management.


There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created per day, sitting in an estimated fleet of 509,147 data centers across the globe.  Big Data is not just big—it’s tremendous!  

Looking at the numbers, you might be intimidated.  But look again.  The importance of Big Data is not in the pure scale of it.  The importance lies in the ability of your company to take a small piece of this large stock of data and make it work for you. 

So what is Big Data?  Big Data is identifying opportunities for growth and enacting them.  Big Data is recognizing inefficiencies and eliminating them.  Big Data is tracking your customers’ spending habits and targeting them.  All these are possible, and more, when you maximize your share of the data.

Around now you’re probably thinking, all this sounds too good to be true.  And to an extent, maybe it is.  When bringing in Big Data, apart from big opportunity, you also bring in big challenges and big risks.  When overlooked, these challenges and risks could be any CFO’s downfall. 

Not to worry.  This CFO eBook will guide you through the steps to successful data management.  Get ready to unlock your data’s potential…securely. 

Topics covered in Data eBook include:

  • How to find value in the data your company already holds;
  • The role of the cloud in the Big Data movement and how to ensure your cloud-based data is stored safely;
  • What to do when your data collection system is flawed;
  • Legacy data and how to address it;
  • Common cybercrime targets;
  • How consumer collaboration tools can put your company at risk.

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