Inside Job Hunting

This CFO eBook will provide effective tips for making all types of job transitions


Landing a CFO position is no easy task, and the job search process is certainly draining and difficult. How can an employed CFO make an effective career transition, and how can an unemployed CFO overcome the inevitable obstacles of job hunting?

The CFO position has changed dramatically as a result of economic recovery. Companies are raising the bar for incoming CFOs, and looking beyond mere financial experience. This recovery is also increasing CEO turnover, causing 14.2% of the world’s top CEOs to depart, opening the door for many current CFOs to step up to the plate.

Challenges come at both ends of the job hunting process, from revealing one’s new career plans to the boss, to selling one’s skills and accomplishments to a potential employer and finalizing the pay package. Going into the job hunt blind can be one of the scariest moments for financial executives.

This CFO eBook will provide effective tips for making all types of job transitions, whether it be creating a CFO position from scratch, moving to a new company within the industry, or even acquiring the top CEO title. This guide will help job hunters through each step of the way to finding their ideal career fit.

Topics covered in Inside Job Hunting include:          

  • Making the transition from CFO to CEO within your current company
  • Tips on finding or creating a new CFO position
  • The benefits of volunteerism and community networking to job hunters
  • How to stay motivated and connected when in between jobs

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