Innovative Thinking: Leveraging the Promise of Technology

Are you leading IT as well as you lead finance?


Are you leading IT as well as you lead finance?

Against the backdrop of continuous innovation, CFOs are quickly becoming the top technology decision makers at more and more companies. This means it is critical for both your company and your career that you understand the underlying business value and potential risks of any new technology.

This CFO Handbook is designed to help you to stay focused on what these new technologies can do for you—increase efficiency, improve agility, reduce costs—rather than falling prey to the biggest technology buzz of the moment. As you determine what you want technology to do for your company, you must also forge stronger partnerships with your CIO and IT department as well as strengthen your own understanding of technology. Knowing the technology gives you the best chance to make sure your IT investments are in line with your strategic priorities, rather than just the latest, most expensive technology available. If you get technology right, you can play an even bigger role in your company’s ability to seize post-downturn opportunities.

Topics covered in Innovative Thinking: Leveraging the Promise of Technology

  • How to manage and collaborate effectively with IT
  • How to make the most of “Big Data” (Hint: Data tools aren’t enough.)
  • Why you should be careful with employees using their own devices (“BYOD”)
  • How to strategically approach social media
  • What risks and potential threats you should consider when evaluating your technology security

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