In Short Supply

How strong is your supply chain and are you doing enough to protect it?


Global supply chains have been tested by Mother Nature, regulations, and financial woes in recent years. How strong is your supply chain and are you doing enough to protect it?

It often takes a major, traumatic event for companies to notice the weak links in their supply chain. A major hurricane, a tsunami, or a significant financial crisis anywhere in the world could trigger businesses to find the cracks. If they’re lucky, they’ll notice problematic areas before it’s too late. They may need to change payment terms on third parties with weak credit, find backup suppliers for a key material, or reroute deliveries to a more secure location.

Smart, efficient senior executives don’t have to scramble. They implement supply chain risk management processes at their company that keep problems at bay and ensure they can keep their business running smoothly.

Topics covered in In Short Supply include:

  • Workarounds companies have implemented when their supply chains have been compromised.
  • Lessons learned from supply chain mishaps, including hits to reputation and ability to deliver products on time.
  • How to protect your company from another business’s financial problems.


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