Great Ideas: Strategies for Better Leadership

This CFO Handbook is designed for CFOs who aim higher


From improved communication skills to forming strategic partnerships with other functions, are you meeting the expectations for CFOs today?

In order to meet post-recession growth targets, CFOs today are expected to be strategic partners in their organizations. That means even if you never actually become CEO, you should consistently demonstrate that you have what it takes to lead your company at any moment.

This CFO Handbook is designed for CFOs who aim higher—striving to gain and master skills that will make you a finance leader. From learning the value of straight-talk with your CEO to hiring the right finance team, you will learn what strategies you should be pursuing and what questions to ask. The time is right to take the lead in your organization—learn what you can do to push yourself from traditional CFO role to strategic leader.

Topics covered in Great Ideas: Strategies for Better Leadership include:

  • How to tell the story behind the numbers rather than just interpret them
  • Strategies to work better with your employees and financial partners
  • Hiring tactics and questions to ask to take you beyond superficial hiring criteria
  • Examples of how your organization can foster a company culture that great employees won’t want to leave
  • The state of diversity in finance today and why efforts to foster diversity will strengthen your company’s performance
  • How to change a difficult employee’s dysfunctional behaviors
  • Working well with your CEO, IT, HR, and Risk Management colleagues
  • New workplace dynamics that will make the most of Millennials’ talents 

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