Going Beyond the HR Numbers

From strategic hiring to employee retention incentives


From strategic hiring to employee retention incentives, CFOs are increasingly moving outside the finance department to maximize human capital potential in untraditional ways.

As organizations recover from the Recession, CFOs have been given the difficult task of maintaining a reduced budget in collaboration with a high-efficiency workforce. This pressure has inspired many finance executives to reexamine their role in employee affairs, moving away from simply dealing with salaries and benefits, towards becoming more engaged in every step of the employment process from initial hire to retirement—and all stages in between.

This CFO Handbook examines the innovative ways in which senior finance executives can take on a more significant role in improving employee-satisfaction, output, and growth and how this involvement will ultimately improve the productivity of their companies.

Topics covered in Going Beyond the HR Numbers include:

  • Tools and techniques to find the right candidate for the position at a time in which hiring well is so critical;
  • Making the most of employee-training and education, from providing in-person and virtual training to developing your own training library;
  • How to cultivate a corporate culture of resilience by fostering an optimistic attitude and positioning employees for success;
  • How to keep your great employees, even when the job market heats up again;
  • New employee-benefits solutions that will help you to balance cost considerations while still pleasing employees;
  • How you can prepare your organization for the impending retirement of baby boomers.

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