Employee Compensation

“A company’s most important assets are its people.”


“A company’s most important assets are its people.” This phrase is likely very familiar to you, but what is your employees’ talent really worth?

Average total compensation among employed people, which was generally stagnant from 2009 through 2011, rocketed up last year and is continuing its surge this year. This change is part of a fundamental shift in the job economy and talent market, whereby companies are increasingly competing in the same playing field for top talent. In a highly competitive market, finding and retaining top talent makes all the difference. This means CFOs must ensure that their companies are offering strategic compensation packages. Find out how companies today are compensating (and therefore retaining) their highly-skilled workforces and how you can make your firm’s employee-compensation practices more strategic.

This CFO eBook will cover:

  • The seven biggest compensation mistakes your company is making—and how to fix them;
  • The latest forms of compensation—from incentive pay to stock options;
  • The employee-compensation accounting issue you need to beware of;
  • Why your employee compensation expenses can make or break your global expansion plans;
  • Why you could be hurting your employees by overpaying them.

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