Ebook: DATAx Guide to Gaming Analytics

The inside track on how video game developers are embracing AI, data and machine-learning models to enhance user experience and revolutionize the industry


Gaming is turning into a particular data-heavy art. There are now more than 2.3 billion gamers worldwide, equating to a huge amount of data. As such, gaming companies are increasingly relying on data to constantly improve gameplay and remain competitive.

With AI and machine-learning (ML) technologies continuing to mature, more and more gaming designers are looking to supercharge their efforts in wowing increasingly demanding gamers.

This ebook takes a deep dive into the relationship between AI and the gaming analytics industry to understand the ways the technology is revolutionizing the industry.


– The latest trends and insights from across the video game industry

– The increasing role of machine learning models in gaming development

– How data science is being utilized to enhance gamer experience

– Insight into NPC generation, data processing and AI test grounds

To read about the latest technological developments and data trends transforming the world of gaming analytics, download your free copy of DATAx Guide to Gaming Analytics.

Making the most of mountains of data home

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