Ebook: DATAx Guide to Data Visualization in 2019

Insights from leading data visualization professionals on the latest trends, solutions and innovations from within the data visualization field


The visualization of data itself is changing and evolving at a faster rate than ever, thanks to advances in computerization and programming that have taken place in recent decades.

The growth of big data – complex, high-volume datasets – is making major demands on visualization. These data partly come from the growth in connectivity that makes any human being with a connected device a source of information – on location, time of calls, call frequency and much more.

This is a fast-evolving area that promises much and, increasingly, needs to as end-user demand changes. Ahead of the Data Visualisation Summit in London on October 31–November 1, 2018, and a host of data and analytics summits during the DATAx festival in New York on December 12–13, Innovation Enterprise spoke to industry experts and data visualization professionals to bring together our DATAx Guide to Data Visualization in 2019 featuring interviews, case studies and analysis from across the ever-evolving data visualization field.

Data visualization explained: An Innovation Enterprise guide to best practices, trends and the latest innovative solutions within the data visualization field

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