Ebook: DATAx Guide to AI in Marketing

Assessing the future landscape of marketing through the growing use of AI and how marketers are embracing opportunities presented by new technologies


AI, data segmentation, digital natives, influencers, apps and the internet are all being closely monitored and harnessed by marketers across the world, as technology transforms the scope and scale of a marketer's remit.

Thanks to machine learning (ML), AI technology is already being utilized to incorporate previously uncovered insights into new marketing campaigns and optimize outreach to target only the most relevant users. Over time, AI solutions will become even more intelligent, effectively eliminating waste, greatly increasing conversions and promoting real-time decision-making. And, of course, it will be doing it faster and faster to reduce the time taken to get insights.

In this ebook we offer a snapshot of how AI, ML and data capture technologies have been transforming the realm of marketing, as well as the opportunities these solutions present and the challenges marketers will need to tackle to stay ahead of the competition.


– Effective marketing through new technologies and social media

– Incorporating AI and automation as vital components of data strategies

– Overcoming the challenges of building trust in the digital age

– Ensuring ROI from data-driven personalization campaigns

To read about the latest technological developments and trends in the marketing world, download your free copy of DATAx Guide to AI in Marketing.


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