Ebook: DATAx Guide to AI in Healthcare

Insight and analysis on the latest AI, machine learning and big data applications, solutions and trends transforming the global healthcare industry


From drug treatments, local practitioners and chatbots, to major surgery, nursing and health apps, AI is fast transforming healthcare into an entirely different beast.

But AI for health is not a mature science: It is still evolving and facing challenges – everything from technical limitations, standards and hardware development, to public perception, ethical fears and political unease. But AI will save lives, time and money; it's only a question of when.

In this ebook we offer a snapshot of how AI could change healthcare, some of the ways it is already starting to do so and some of the challenges it still has to overcome.


– Facing up to the realities and challenges of AI in the healthcare industry
– Safe implementation of IoT infrastructure within medical institutions
– Adapting health and fitness apps to manage healthcare needs
– The AI startups transforming wellbeing, pharma and medical management

To read about the latest AI in healthcare developments and trends, download your free copy of DATAx Guide to AI in Healthcare.

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