Cyber Insurance

This eBook will guide CFOs in how best use their business intelligence


Companies rely on technology to keep their businesses running. But in a technology-driven landscape, cyber threats have become more and more pervasive, and companies are still learning how to best combat these risks. While many finance chiefs might want technology providers to be held liable for any damages suffered, these days a smarter solution may be cyber-liability insurance.

Cyber-insurance providers can offer coverage for privacy breaches, ancillary financial losses, and consequential lost revenue. These policies are also evolving with technology, as well as with the ever-growing needs of organizations to protect themselves and their customers, and insurers are looking to provide companies with more comprehensive cyber-liability coverage.

This eBook will guide CFOs in how best use their business intelligence not only to better understand their business’ security risks, but also what tools to invest in to prevent those attacks.

Topics this eBook will cover include:

  • Why data breaches are even worse than you think;
  • How to determine your cyber-security weak spots;
  • The potential benefits of cyber-liability insurance; and
  • The questions you need to ask insurers before purchasing comprehensive cyber insurance.


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