Cyber Fraud: Demystifying and Mitigating the Damage

Is your company prepared to respond to the high risk of cyber fraud?


Is your company prepared to respond to the high risk of cyber fraud? Or are you waiting until it’s too late?


Every day there seems to be a new cyber fraud case making headlines. Perpetrators aren’t all from the shady world of organized crime; employees also may be susceptible to committing cyber fraud, especially in the volatile economic climate. 


Companies cannot afford to sweep cyber crime under the rug. Prudent risk management begins with assessing the potential for cyber fraud and institutionalizing tactics to shut down or reduce the threat. These include but are not limited to email usage protocols, data encryption, spam and virus filtering, system scans and ongoing vulnerability assessments, many of which can be executed in the Cloud.


Topics covered in Cyber Fraud include:

    • Why you should make sure your corporate website isn’t an easy target for cyber criminals;
    • Questions to consider when purchasing data-breach insurance;
    • An overview of why cyber criminals don’t discriminate based on company size—from the smallest companies to the biggest organizations, any company with a computer needs to consider their vulnerability to cyber fraud;
    • What kind of company a cyber hacker particularly loves to target and steps you can take to defend your organization’s data;
    • The rise in popularity of cyber insurance and questions to ask a potential provider;
    • Steps you can take to implement practices that will lower your company’s risk of identity theft;
    • Cloud security requirements you need to consider to keep your data secure.

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