Cloud Risks and Solutions

A transition to the Cloud may mean countless benefits for your company, but what are the risks?


A transition to the Cloud may mean countless benefits for your company. But what are the accompanying risks and how do you avoid them?

Being aware of potential cloud risks is the first step toward finding the proper solutions. Common areas of risk include an asymmetry of understanding, marketing and delivery misalignments, early adoption risks, and international operations. By increasing your company’s efficiency, you may also be opening it up to a Pandora’s Box of security threats and vendor disagreements.

The large divide between compliance and IT on the level of security in the cloud also poses a significant challenge as departments struggle to agree upon the appropriate cloud arrangements within a business. A lack of effective governance can also result in the presence of Shadow IT, particularly when using a hybrid cloud approach, and chief officers often grapple with a loss of input and control over data centers once signing with a cloud provider.

However, just as there are numerous risks in the Cloud, there are also plentiful solutions. By protecting your company against inevitable exposure and planning for disaster recover, you can mitigate potential losses. Taking a vertical approach or negotiating with your cloud provider may also ensure greater cloud security. Whatever your cloud concerns, this CFO eBook can point you in the right direction.

Topics covered in this eBook include:

  • Hybrid cloud risk management;
  • Merging real estate and IT departments;
  • Actions to take before signing a cloud contract;
  • Why you should know your cloud provider’s business model.

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