CFO InSight Report: Budgeting for Success


In Budgeting for Success, CFO Research explores the following topics:

  • Are companies now increasingly emphasizing the hunt for growth opportunities over cost control?
  • Can changes to the budgeting process improve companies' ability to analyze information?
  • Does technology play an important role in improving the effectiveness of budgeting?
  • The importance of getting employees at all department levels involved in the budgeting process for more complete understanding of company objectives and alignment toward common goals.

About the CFO InSight Series

CFO InSight Reports are syndicated, six-to-eight page research publications focused on the most pressing interests of senior finance executives. Every CFO InSight Report bears the CFO Research brand--the trusted name in research among senior finance executives.

About CFO Research

CFO Research is the research affiliate of CFO magazine. We conduct detailed surveys and interviews with senior finance executives from around the world. Combining their insights and our in-depth knowledge, we produce timely reports on the topics that finance professionals care about most.

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