CFO 360: Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting eNewsletter, Vol. 1 Issue 5


Go beyond the articles with CFO 360 Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting—the new topical, monthly newsletter providing even more insights, exclusive interviews, and knowledge for senior financial professionals.

This month's issue features:

  • Original reporting and insights into planning, budgeting, and forecasting—always with the perspective of what it means for Finance.
  • CFO 1 on 1: Q&A Bill Chorba, CFO of NineSigma.
  • CFO Radar: What’s new this month in PB&F.
  • Company Spotlight: How does engineering and architectural firm Freese and Nichols see into the future?
  • Expert Opinion: Two experts with differing views square off on particular PB&F subjects. This month, two experts debate how to create a better planning blueprint.
  • Technically Speaking: Find out about the latest software and tools that are helping companies with PB&F. This month, we explore how ServiceSource CFO Ashley Johnson has managed to create a plan that looks both ways.

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