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Is your accounting function ready to break up with Excel?


Despite advances in accounting technology and tools, Excel still maintains a firm grip on financial reporting.  In one study, 76% of executives admitted to daily use of the program. But financial-reporting systems are rapidly gaining popularity. Is your accounting function ready to break up with Excel? Here’s what you need to know.

In addition to new technologies, proposed changes to revenue rules have incited heated feedback around the world. But as these changes become standards, software must adapt to keep up. CFOs must be aware of the changes and the challenges they will face, such as glitches in accounting software.

In order for CFOs to perform their duties successfully, the numbers must be accurate. The best program to ensure this accuracy is up to your discretion. This CFO eBook will outline the ins and outs of accounting software today to enable you to discern the best choice for your company.

Topics covered in this eBook include:

  • The role of Excel in the current accounting world;
  • How proposed accounting standard changes will impact software;
  • The benefits of automated financial reporting and its limits;
  • Questions to consider before moving your accounting function to the Cloud.

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