Accounting for the Future

This eBook will provide some insight into significant accounting trends.


How should CFOs handle the evolution in accounting trends that may influence the decisions they must make for their own company? Read this eBook to find out.

As CFOs move forward from the recession, they are making choices that will move the accounting function forward. They must consider various audit implications and search for new sources of growth. However, from increasing the attention paid to sustainability measures, to insourcing the previously offshored accounting function, growth requires changing habits.

Armed with lessons learned from the recession and recent accounting scandals, senior finance executives are looking to new strategies and technologies as accounting solutions. As corporate accountants and auditors are being held to new standards of fraud reporting, CFOs must ensure that financial records are in order, and may even consider lessening audit complexity to lower audit fees. Many companies will also learn to make changes within their accounting departments, whether that means increasing internal XBRL teams, inviting tax directors’ into cloud discussions, or choosing acquisition over share-repurchase programs.

For any CFO who is grappling with a difficult transition into new accounting practices, this eBook will provide some insight into significant accounting trends.

Topics covered in Accounting for the Future include:

  • Why corporations that once outsourced the accounting function are bringing it back in-house;
  • How companies are using environmental accounting to share sustainability measures with investors, and to ensure their access to natural capital;
  • Accounting scandals that have taught CFOs important lessons about accurately reporting payments and profits;
  • Advice about cutting audit fees and increasing audit budgets;
  • How increasing R&D investments and acquisition spending can foster long-term growth.

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