Social Media Marketing: A One-day Workshop

Innovation Enterprise Academy partnered with Guardian Masterclasses

Innovation Enterprise Academy has partnered with Guardian Masterclasses to bring you Social Media Marketing: A One-day Workshop

Course Overview

Learn how to make your social media feed stand out from the crowd at this high-impact course. During the class, you’ll learn how to grow your follower base and drive deeper engagement using the major social platforms. With plenty of practical exercises, it’s the ideal course for anyone looking to use social media to reach new audiences and influence consumer behaviour.

Course Content

Establishing Your Social Media Presence

  • Tools of the trade – overview of the major social media channels and their benefits 
  • Setting up your accounts   
  • Automation services such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite
  • Building social media into your branding and reputation management policies 
  • How to create compelling content for your social media platforms

Growing Your Audience, Increasing Engagement & Driving Sales

  • Understanding your audience and identifying the channels they use 
  • Utilising profiling and audience tools to target potential customers 
  • Running paid social advertising campaigns 
  • Making the most of hashtags and trends to ensure your content reaches the right people
  • Utilising social media to gain industry and competitor knowledge
  • How to create sales-driving posts and shareable content

Implementing Your Social Media Strategy & Measuring Success

  • Incorporating your social media strategy into wider marketing plans 
  • Managing multiple channels for individual campaigns 
  • What to measure – from reach to engagement and sales 
  • Tools and software for measuring the impact of your social media campaigns 
  • Setting benchmarks for success, analysing performance and optimising your channels
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About the Course Leader

Ed Goodman

Social Media Trainer, Author

Ed Goodman is a start-up coach and a social media trainer for Guardian Masterclasses. He has a real passion for mentoring and training both start-ups and global businesses to help achieve their business goals – over 10,000 have benefited from Ed’s knowledge to date. With his years of experience, along with first-hand experience of using social media, he enjoys sharing his insights and knowledge within our social media training courses.

About the Sponsors

Guardian Masterclasses

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