Innovating With Your Customer

How Customer Insights Translate Into Business Value

The Innovation Enterprise Academy has partnered with the Royal College of Art to deliver a series of short courses aimed at helping executives and organisations perfect their innovation efforts - see more here.

Course Overview

Customers are of central importance to any business or organisation. But how well do you actually know yours? How might their needs and aspirations form a basis for your future innovation and help you become more predictive and confident in your decisions? How might you engage them in a deeper, more meaningful way? This workshop will take you through some practical and persuasive techniques for new ways of gathering insights from your customers, understanding how these insights translate into business value and give you design thinking techniques you can use to innovate the very next day.

Course Content

Turning Customer Insights Into Innovation

  • Turning customer desires into an innovation springboard
  • The value of qualitative data over quantitative data
  • Techniques for gathering and presenting data
  • Creating your own insight banks

Using Design Thinking Techniques To Translate Ideas Into Action

  • Global case studies from business, government and the public sector
  • Design thinking methods that will heighten creativity
  • Using a qualitative evidence-base to pitch and persuade
  • Use of co-design in a world that is more focused on co-creation

Practical Activities

  • Individual learnings balanced with group activities
  • Handouts and takeaways
  • Activities to raise your personal and organizational innovation level
World-leading instructors will outline how to collect and leverage every possible piece of information about customers for insights that can help drive innovation and create a culture of disruptive thinking with the consumer at the heart - Innovating with your Customer

About the Course Leader

Rama Gheerawo

irector of the Helen Hamlyn Centre

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Rama Gheerawo has worked with over 70 organisations from the public and private sector to raise their innovation value through design. He uses a range of customer-focused techniques to effect change across industries and sectors. He is Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at London’s Royal College of Art and is currently leading a redesign of the iconic black cab. He is in demand as a keynote speaker internationally and writes, curates exhibitions and runs workshops for audiences that range from students to business executives to civil servants. He has published widely in both academic and trade press.

About the Sponsors

The Royal College of Art

The RCA is recognised as the world leading postgraduate university for Art and Design. Our graduates manage and influence many global businesses (including IDEO, Kia Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Burberry, Dyson and Apple). We offer executive education for business, government and the public sector with expertise in design thinking, people-centred innovation, disruptive innovation, creative leadership and service design. Clients include Samsung, Fujitsu, Visa and TCS Consultants.

Innovation Enterprise Academy

The Innovation Enterprise Academy is a leadership and management training provider. We offer a range of workshops, immersive onsite programs, online educational programming and OnDemand presentations - all of which are delivered by leading industry experts. They provide tried and tested insights that can be applied to your organisation, delivering immediate, measurable results and giving you the knowledge and skills to confront real world challenges.

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