From Ideas to Action: Generating Creative Ideas

Innovation Enterprise Academy partnered with IDEO U

Innovation Enterprise Academy has partnered with IDEO U to bring you From Ideas to Action

Couse Description:

From Ideas to Action will show you how to generate creative ideas and bring those ideas to life, so that others can experience your vision of the future. In this course you will learn and practice three skills for moving from ideas to action:

1. The Art of Ideating: Go beyond brainstorming – learn techniques for coming up with innovative ideas

2. Rapid Prototyping: Make your ideas tangible, so you can gather feedback from others

3. Iterating Your Way Forward: Get results faster by evolving your idea to be more desirable, feasible, and viable

How it Works:

Watch short videos (1-5 minutes each) that explain IDEO’s methodologies

Learn how IDEO’s top design thinking practitioners have applied these techniques through video case studies

Connect with a global community of learners around provoking discussion questions, supported by IDEO U Community Guides

Practice key concepts through interactive activities

Apply what you learn to a project challenge

See and learn from how others approach their projects

Give feedback on your classmates’ ideas and get their input on yours

Get your questions answered live in office hours

Time Requirement:

The course is self-paced over five weeks: you decide how much time you want to invest based on your goals, which might be to:

Watch and reflect (30-60 minutes per week): Deepen your understanding through course videos and discussions

Practice (1-3 hours per week): Apply what you learn to activities and assignments

Create (you decide): Generate ideas and develop a prototype by applying course lessons to a project challenge

What You’ll Get:

A new skill set that will help you develop, prototype, and iterate impactful new products and services faster including:

Techniques for leading collaborative ideation sessions that capture the input of team members

The ability to build products or services faster with input from users and multiple stakeholders

Practice honing the priceless skill of making your ideas tangible

Input from a network of peers and IDEO U mentors that spans across industries and functions

A course toolkit (PDF) that captures the lessons of the course for you to apply throughout your career

Completed prototypes that you can share with others

A certificate and course badge to post to your professional network

About the Course Leader

Brendan Boyle

Partner at IDEO, Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford d.School

Brendan Boyle believes that play is the key to innovation. This philosophy guides his work as a toy inventor, consulting associate professor at Stanford University’s d.School, and Partner at IDEO. He founded the Toy Lab to explore kid-centered solutions to the challenge of boredom. Under his leadership, the Toy Lab has invented and licensed hundreds of toys and archetypes, including the best-selling app Elmo Calls with Sesame Street. Brendan also consults with companies about redesigning their organizational behavior to include space for play, wrote the course From Play to Innovation offered at Stanford’s d.School, and co-authored the award-winning encyclopedia of never-before-seen inventions, The Klutz Book of Inventions.

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