Hands-On Predictive Analytics

Delivering Actionable Insights

This is a self-paced online course for business professionals looking to transition to or advance a career in analytics. More information on the course can be found at The Innovation Enterprise Academy

Course Overview

This 11 module, 30-45 hour course builds on the BADIR(™) framework from business analytics and extends it to advanced methodologies including Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Decision Tree and K-Means clustering. This course is ideal for current and future analysts looking to learn incremental skills to deliver higher impact using advanced methodologies. All the analysis is done using open source statistical software R and Knime. Examples and exercises draw from diverse industries such as healthcare, financial services and real estate.

Participants test their knowledge of predictive modeling by solving a real world business situation: predicting length of stay and discharge outcomes for Diabetes patients admitted at AMH hospital.

This course includes:

1. A proven approach to building effective predictive models using BADIR- our 5-steps Analytics Framework. Learn analysis techniques and effective influencing and cross-functional skills to convert model outcomes and insights to impact

2. Hands on comfort with Predictive Analytics methods like linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees and segmentation using k-means clustering

3. Learn how to use statistical softwares Rand Knime with detailed code and live sessions of running the code

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About the Course Leaders

Piyanka Jain

President & CEO

Piyanka  Jain's LinkedIn page

Piyanka Jain is the author of the Amazon bestseller book Behind Every Good Decision and President, CEO of Aryng – an analytics consulting company focused on driving business impact with data. As a highly regarded industry thought leader in analytics, she writes for publications including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, InsideHR. She has been a featured speaker at Microsoft, American Marketing Association conferences, Predictive Analytics World, Growth Hacker TV, GigaOm, Google Analytics User Conference, Modern Workplace. In 15+ years as an analytics leader, she has had 180M+ demonstrated impact on business. As a gifted problem solver, she seeks out patterns and insights to drive change in her client’s organizations and impact top levers of business. She considers customer satisfaction, empowerment and positive engagement as the highest rewards, and dollar impact as a natural consequence of it. Her best seller book ‘Behind Every Good Decision’ is an actionable guide for business managers on data driven decision making through business analytics. She has two Masters degrees with thesis involving applied mathematics and statistics. A hiker, runner and yogi, she lives in Sunnyvale, California with her husband Parth and daughter Jia.

Vidisha Vachharajani

Data Scientist & Statistician

Vidisha  Vachharajani's LinkedIn page

Vidisha has a PhD in Economics and MS in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is experienced in applying quantitative skills, using a variety of statistical software such as R, GIS, SAS, and Stata to different areas of Big Data work, ranging from development of statistical models, analysis and management of large data sets, to training and consulting.

About the Sponsors

Innovation Enterprise Academy

The Innovation Enterprise Academy is a leadership and management training provider. We offer a range of workshops, immersive onsite programs, online educational programming and OnDemand presentations - all of which are delivered by leading industry experts. They provide tried and tested insights that can be applied to your organisation, delivering immediate, measurable results and giving you the knowledge and skills to confront real world challenges.


Aryng is a unique partnership of analytics professionals with decades of experience in Fortune 100 companies, conducting analytics, building and managing Business Intelligence and Analytics teams, and delivering cumulative results in the $100s of millions. Aryng’s data analytics training and consulting practice is the product of years of experience and our unique proprietary knowledge; not only about using analytics to generate insights but, even more importantly, how to take those insights to impact through the softer skills of communication and influencing.

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