Understanding Data: The Essential Skills

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Innovation Enterprise Academy has partnered with Guardian Masterclasses to bring you Understanding Data: The Essential Skills

Course Overview

Being able to work with data is a vital skill in the digital age. Whether your data is used to understand and communicate with your audience, or to model future trends, our courses can help you to use data to get results for your business or organisation. This one-day course covers the key things you need to know about data usage - from collection to storage and dissemination, offering expert advice on advanced data collection and analytic techniques.

Course Content

An Introduction to Data in a Digital Age

  • What data is - and why it's important in today's business landscape 
  • Different types of data - from personally identifiable data to sensitive data and "big data" 

Collecting, Stores & Analysing Data

  • Data collection - how to acquire new data for your business organisation 
  • Safe and effective ways to store your data 
  • Analysing and understanding your business' data 
  • How to use data to create reports
  • Using data to make predictions, carry out tests and improve your business methodologies
  • Using data to target different audiences
  • The legalities around data protection

Sources, Tools & Techniques for Data Collection

  • An introduction to databases 
  • How to extract, transform and load data
  • Disseminating data - the key things you need to know 
  • Singles customer views (SCVs) 
  • Relational v non-relational data
  • Big data technologies - and how to use them

Advanced Techniques for Data Analysis

  • An overview of different web analytic tools
  • A/B testing v multivariate testing (MVT)
  • Segmentation v automated targeting
  • Basic forecasting v econometrics
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