BI Dashboard Formula Methodology

4 Easy Steps to Creating Robust, High Performance Business Intelligence Dashboards

With previous students from Nestle, Shell, Visa, Fedex & more this executive course will teach you the most practical methodology when building BI dashboards. For more information on the course please visit here.

Course Overview

Data is now the driving force behind decision making at enterprises in every industry, and one of the key challenges facing organizations is enabling decision makers to both understand the data and use it themselves to leverage insights.

The best way to present this data so that everyone can easily comprehend and analyze it is through Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards. However, there is a clear discrepancy between how much companies need BI Dashboards and their understanding of implementing BI dashboard programs successfully, with an unacceptable 71% of them failing. These dashboards take five minutes to load data, have far too much space for the chart area, and fail to reference a single KPI - often ending up actually hindering a company’s efforts rather than adding value.

Learn How To Create Compelling Analytics Storyboards

Learn To Build Dashboard Like This Without A Designer

This course will make you re-evaluate the entire way you think about BI, helping you to understand why BI Dashboard projects fail, and equipping you with the knowledge and skill set to succeed. Course instructor Mico Yuk is a world industry leader in enterprise visual storytelling. She will teach you how to use her groundbreaking BI Dashboard Formula to create the most robust, powerful, and high performing BI dashboards possible.

The BI Dashboard Formula was developed as a result of 5 years traveling the world advising and teaching different teams in Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble, Honda, Royal Dutch Shell, and Nestle. The BI Dashboard Formula has been successfully tested 100’s of times in some of the most challenging enterprise environments in the world, driving revenues at organizations of all sizes. This course will teach you everything you need to know about implementing the formula, and enable you to take total control of your BI dashboarding project.

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About the Course Leader

Mico Yuk

Instructor & Founder

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Mico Yuk (@micoyuk) is the founder of BI Brainz, a world leader in enterprise visual storytelling, and the BI Dashboard Formula (BIDF) methodology, where she has trained thousands globally how to strategically use the power of data visualization to enhance the decision making process. Since 2007, her company has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble, Honda, Kimberly-Clark, Royal Dutch Shell, Nestle, Qatargas, Ericsson and FedEx, earning her plaudits that have seen her become one of the world’s foremost authorities on data visualization. Alongside her consultancy work, she has also authored Data Visualization for Dummies, and she is much sought after as a global keynote speaker, having been voted a #1 global keynote speaker at a number of global BI conferences. Praise for her work has come from all angles, having been mentioned on sites such as CNET and TDWI, and named one of SAP’s Top 50 Analytics Bloggers.

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The Innovation Enterprise Academy is a leadership and management training provider. We offer a range of workshops, immersive onsite programs, online educational programming and OnDemand presentations - all of which are delivered by leading industry experts. They provide tried and tested insights that can be applied to your organisation, delivering immediate, measurable results and giving you the knowledge and skills to confront real world challenges.

BI Brainz

BI Brainz is a global BI & Analytics consulting and solutions company with its worldwide headquarters in Atlanta, GA. BI Brainz uses a proprietary formula evolved over many years and 100’s of successful implementations to help organizations achieve analytics success. The firm accomplishes this by helping large companies transform their organizational culture through established visual storytelling solutions. BI Brainz has successfully implemented solutions for clients such as Nestle, McKesson, FedEx, Ericsson, Kimberly Clark, Proctor & Gamble and Royal Dutch Shell, to name a few.
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