Data Visualisation: A one-day workshop

Innovation Enterprise Academy partnered with Guardian Masterclasses

Innovation Enterprise Academy has partnered with Guardian Masterclasses to bring you Data Visualisation: A One Day Workshop

Course overview

Data visualisation is transforming communications, enabling private, public and third sector organisations to make the most of data sets to tell complex stories at a glance. Now you can learn how to harness its potential, refining raw data into high-impact communications, presentations and analyses.

Course content

Principles of Data Visualisation

How to use data visualisation in presentations and reports to tell stories. Includes:

Relationships in data: when and how to use data visualisation

What makes good – and bad – data visualisations

Quick wins and common mistakes

Data Visualisation Formats

Identify correlations, clusters or patterns and turn them into infographics. Covers:

Different types of charts and graphs (e.g. scatter plots, bubble graphs, pie charts)

How to easily identify which format to use for which story

Splitting data between different visualisations

Design Techniques

Understand how to present data in the clearest manner. This session will cover:

Using colour to add clarity

Arranging information

Simple tricks to make your designs look brilliant

Software and Online Tools

This session will cover the key steps for maximising different software, including:

Getting your data in order with Excel

Using Powerpoint and Keynote simply and effectively

How to use online tools such as Prezi and Datawrapper

Getting Creative and Telling Stories with Data

Understand how to apply professional techniques to presentations and reports, including:

Mining data to find stories

How different storytelling approaches can be applied to the same data

How audiences read and interpret visual stories

About the Course Leaders

Adam Frost

Formerly Head of Data Visulisation at the Guardian

Adam Frost was formerly Head of Data Visualisation at the Guardian’s digital agency. He is now content director at Graphic, an agency specialising in data visualisation. His work has appeared on the Guardian, the New Statesman, Buzzfeed and elsewhere. Adam has also produced infographics and interactives for a range of public and private sector clients including the Department for Education, Google and Unilever.

Tobias Sturt

Tobias Sturt was Head of Creative at the Guardian’s Digital Agency and is now Creative Director of Graphic, an agency specialising in data visualisation. He has been working in digital storytelling for almost two decades, in all kinds of media, from web to TV, from to games to infographics. He has also worked on more conventional digital development projects, from website design to branding, from mobile app interfaces to print projects.

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