Innovation Enterprise Channels Editorial Guidelines

Innovation Enterprise welcomes professionals with experience or an interest in the areas we cover across our Channels to submit articles on the conditions detailed below.

Article submissions should be no fewer than 500 words, while submissions that are more than 1,200 words will be unlikely to be approved by Innovation Enterprise's Editorial Team. 

Submissions should be relevant, focusing on the areas we cover across our various channels, on topics including Big Data, Analytics, Strategy, Innovation, Digital Health, Marketing, Publishing, Finance and Operations. 

While we welcome links to relevant external web pages within submissions, they will be removed if the Editorial Team deems them unnecessary or irrelevant, or if they link to advertisements or services not associated with Innovation Enterprise, or its events, products and services.

We welcome images and infographics; however, they must be relevant to the topics and themes covered within the submission and in line with the topics covered by the Innovation Enterprise Channels. Images should be smaller than 65KB in size, and may be removed if deemed unnecessary or too large. Due to the layout of our article pages, Innovation Enterprise's Editorial Team will often source an image to complement the story, so it is not essential for authors to submit images.

We currently do not accept the following content types: Job Listings, Event Listings, Webinars, Reports, Presentations or Magazines. For White Paper or Ebook hosting enquires, please contact:

Should authors wish to republish material already published on Innovation Enterprise Channels on any other website, we request that it is done so with the caveat "This article was first published on Innovation Enterprise Channels", with a link to the original version on Innovation Enterprise Channels.

Advertorial content, spam or plagiarized copy will be immediately rejected and deleted. We will not accept articles that are deemed to be link spamming, advertisements or listings. Any users that post any material deemed as such will have their account deleted upon review by Innovation Enterprise's Editorial Team. Content that is difficult to read, poorly written, or features a high amount of grammatical or stylistic errors will be rejected, and repeat offenders will have their user accounts deleted following a review by our Editorial Team. Rejected content will be deleted three months after initially being posted. 

Innovation Enterprise reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to edit articles for reasons including, but not limited to style, accuracy, length and legal compliance.