Philip Wang

Chief Technology Officer

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As chief technology officer at Suite Experience Group, Philip Wang oversees SEG’s growing portfolio of industry-leading technology products. Mr. Wang also serves as head of customer experience and is responsible for improving the SEG customer experience and making it easier than ever to buy and sell luxury suite tickets. Previously, Mr. Wang led international product sales and integration for the Loyalty Services group during his tenor as VP of product management at MasterCard. Mr. Wang has also served as senior director of product management with Next Jump, a leader in the loyalty solutions space, where he pioneered the design and development of immersive e-commerce products with MasterCard, LivingSocial, Seamless/GrubHub, and Priceline. Mr. Wang started his career with Sapient Corporation as a technology and management consultant and graduated from the University of Michigan College of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in computer science.