Patrick deglon

Partick Deglon

Advanced Analytics | Big Data Executive | Particle Physicist

Innovation Enterprise Academy

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Patrick Deglon is recognized as one of the leading minds at successfully applying advanced technologies to businesses. With 18 years experience driving operation optimization and market share growth for corporations, he has helped lead a number of companies in their transition to the New Economy, and raised the bar in Analytics at some of the biggest names in tech, such as eBay and Motorola Mobility. Having been educated as a Particle Physicist at the University of Geneva, Patrick initially started his career at CERN studying the creation of the universe, authoring 138 scientific publications. As a business leader, Patrick’s first role was with eBay International in Switzerland, where he spent eight years in a number of different roles, most notably as leader of the EU Investment Analytics team and Director of the Global Internet Marketing Analytics organization. In 2003, he was recruited by Google to guide the adoption of Google technologies by Motorola Mobility. Patrick was also tasked with the challenge of leading a major technology area. He is recognized as having raised the bar in Analytics within the company, reaching the level of Senior Director of Engineering. Patrick now works as a consultant, founding Deglon Consulting to help businesses apply his internet vision and advanced analytical tools. Patrick is Governance Fellow accredited with The National Association of Corporate Directors(NACD), and active at both the national level and with the Florida Chapter. His leadership Board roles included Science Faculty Council Chairman at the University of Geneva, and several academic and community Board engagements. He is also an Advisory Board Member at the internet based Bottles Waiting. Patrick is acknowledged for his sound mentoring of talented individuals, many of whom have gone on to become successful start‐up CEO’s.