Mike Psenka



Mike Psenka is the founder and CEO of Moovila, a mobile-first technology platform that connects people with actionable content to better manage their personal and professional lives.   Prior to Moovila, Psenka founded eThority, Inc., a business intelligence and analytics software company.  He served as the CEO and President until the successful acquisition by Equifax in 2011.  After the acquisition, Psenka ran the Workforce Analytics Group for Equifax building it into the fastest growing component of Equifax’s domestic portfolio of businesses.   Previously, Psenka worked with Price Waterhouse within their Open Systems Technology group implementing financial and manufacturing systems. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and holds multiple technology patents.  Mike believes in creating a culture of respect for all team members and the importance of a healthy dose of humor in almost every part of life.