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Frank Matijevich

VP Business Services

Zaszou Business Services

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Over the last 15 years, I have invested in my career in the Finance & Accounting outsourcing industry, becoming an expert in Client Relationship Management, Business Process Reengineering, and Project Management. As an O2C Operations Subject Matter Expert, I’ve contributed to the growth and development of best in class AR Solutions for several Fortune 1000 companies in the Manufacturing, Consumer Products and Healthcare Industries. My team and I believe that in order to present a solution to our clients, there must first be an evaluation of the existing operation in order to fully understand the scope of the existing opportunities. Once we understand what we need to do to improve the business, we can design a solution together that supports operational efficiencies and leads to cost reductions. By working with and being mentored by finance executives throughout my career, I’ve come to understand that DSO and Working Capital Improvement are the outcome of what we do, not the central focus. By focusing on the Total Customer Experience, our objective is to design solutions that not only drive productivity, take into consideration the unique business challenges that exist. Once we overcome those challenges, the financial results will follow. I’ve been directly responsible for the implementation of new engagements and new engagement deployment, by taking a consultative approach and considering all stake holders and their impact on successful deployment. Outsource transition can break down a business, so through careful management and buy in, my clients and I have achieved success. Having worked with various companies throughout my career, helping establish policies, procedures and service level agreements for Enterprise BPO Solutions, I have cross-functional expertise, helping to drive efficiencies and profitability in areas such as accounting, IT, operations, sales, and human resources.